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i’m single by choice
just not my choice

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x My heart flutters every time I see you 
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Anonymous said: Au where their girlfriends hate you but you're their best friend?


Oooh, this request sounds fun, okay so…

(H/G/N)- His Girlfriends Name


Your friendship with Michael was none like any other, he was the player 2 to your player 1 (although he would argue that it was the other way around). That day you found out he got the girl he’s been crushing on for 3 weeks straight, was the day your friendship seemed threatened. It started on a rare day of the month in which Michael finally got some break time from recording. Michael had invited you to hang out together and play some first person shooter games on his PS4. When you rang the bell, the door opened and you were greeted by his girlfriend. “Uhm, who are you?” “Oh, I’m (Y/N), you must be Mikey’s girlfriend. He has told me so much about you, it’s finally nice to meet you.” “Oh… So you’re (Y/N).” She said in a somewhat displeased tone. You were a tad bit confused until Michael saw you at the door and let you in. You two were catching up and playing video games for a good 3 hours straight. You felt a little uncomfortable because (H/G/N) was just sitting there, obviously bored. During the next hour she started whining about how bored she was, and how she wanted to do something fun than sit around in front of a screen. You admitted to yourself that it was a tad bit rude of her to suddenly say that, but Michael didn’t think it was. He was wrapped around her finger and decided that he would pick up lunch for us. He left us alone in the room and it was silent for a good 10 minutes. “So…” you started, trying to think of a conversation. “Who do you think you are?” She suddenly asks. “Uhm, excuse me?” “Don’t try to act innocent, you have a thing for him don’t you?” “Uhm, no, Mikey is like a bro to me, we’re just friends.” “Right, a guy and a girl can just nonchalantly be friends and play video games together, talk till the late hours, and give really tight hugs?” “We’ve been friends for like 4 years, we’re close.” You said defensively. “Let’s me just make it clear to you okay? I don’t like you, and I never will. Understand?” She says staring you down. You glared back silently at her until you heard Michael opening the front door again, “crystal.” You mumbled before you two put on an act like everything was fine.


She hated you, and nothing could change her judgement. It started when Calum invited you to hang out with them on his day off. You thought everything was fine between you and (H/G/N) until Calum left you two alone for a good 5 minutes. “So (H/G/N), how did you and Calum meet?” She scoffs, “don’t talk to me.” You sat there slightly stunned by her response, “Uhm…” You mumbled and she looks up from her phone, then directly at your eyes, “Listen (Y/N), don’t take it personally, but I dislike you.” “What? I swear we were just laughing together a few seconds ago.” She rolls her eyes and looks back at her phone, “honestly, I can’t really be friends with you, knowing that Calum has another girl in his life other than me just makes me uneasy.” “We’re just friends, you don’t need to worry about me getting in the way of you two.” “Oh please (Y/N), you expect me to believe that you could just, ‘be friends’ with a guy like Calum? Every girl falls for his charms eventually, and don’t be surprised if you’re one of them.” You couldn’t think of a way to defend yourself so you sat there stunned at what you were hearing. Calum came back and (H/G/N) stood up and smiled as if she didn’t say those mean things. Calum kissed her cheek and wrapped an arm around her before looking at you, “you okay (Y/N)?” Calum questions. “Oh, uh, yeah, everything is good.” You lied before standing up and putting on a forced smile.


"Oh my god, and remember when you were about to run into the pool one of the boys threw a ball at you causing you to just flop in?" "That really hurt too, they got me in the gut!" Ashton says before the two of you burst into laughter. "Wow, you guys seem to have a lot of memories together." (H/G/N) says before taking a sip of her Starbucks. "Anyway ladies, I’ll be right back, don’t drink my Starbucks." He says chuckling before leaving the table. "Anyway (H/G/N), it’s really great to finally meet you." "Yeah… Nice to meet you too, Ash talks about you, a lot actually." She said somewhat hushed. "Oh? He does? He didn’t say anything embarrassing did he?" You said chuckling. "Haha, no, he just talks about how cool you are, how you’re best friends, and all that…" "Oh, that’s uhm, cool." You said starting to get slightly awkward because this conversation was going no where. "Listen (Y/N), could you do me a favor?" "Uh, yeah! Sure, what is it?" "Could you maybe, stop being friends with Ashton? I mean, not completely, just back off a bit?" "Uhm, I’m sorry, but isn’t it his choice if he wants to be friends with me or not?" "(Y/N), I don’t want to sound like a jerk or anything-" "Which you are starting to sound like one, yes?" She glares before continuing, "but, I feel somewhat threatened by your friendship with him, and would appreciate it if you wouldn’t act so… Close when he now has a girlfriend." She says while gesturing to herself. You couldn’t really believe what you were hearing, how could someone so quiet be such a bi- "hey guys, sorry that took a while, what are we talking about?" Ashton asks sitting down again. You stood up suddenly, "nothing." You said somewhat irritated and left the store.


"I wanna meet her!" You said whining to Luke and feeling a bit giddy from the fact that he finally has a girlfriend. "You’ll meet her soon (Y/N)." He says laughing a bit and continuing to walk to the meeting spot. "You guys are so cute, I mean, I assume you guys are hella cute when you are together." "(H/G/N) is pretty mature actually." "Luke? Going out with a mature woman?" You said grinning at him and he looks away flustered, "stop, the lads have been teasing me for a week already, I don’t need this from you." "Dawww, you’re blushing das cute Luke!" You teased again, nudging him. He messes up you’re hair, "stop it." he says giving you a dimpled grin. "Ahem." A voice says interrupting the moment, "you guys seem to be having fun." "(H/G/N), hey." He greets before kissing her on the cheek, "this is my best friend (Y/N), I was hoping she could join us for lunch today." "Hi, I’ve been really eager to meet you (H/G/N)." She looks at you from head to toe and gives a small smile, "I’ve been eager to meet you too (Y/N), Luke tells me about you all the time… Quite a lot." She says and you somehow felt uneasy by her tone. The three of you went to a small cafe around the corner and ate Lunch. Luke then got up to pay leaving the both of you alone. "You know, I’m really glad he met you, for a moment I thought he would never find a girl to be with considering he’s always so busy." "Mmhm." She says, not amused by your conversation. You looked down awkwardly and then heard her sigh, "Just how old are you?" "I’m-" "Don’t answer that. Listen, I really don’t know how you and Luke are friends considering you two act like 10 year olds, but Luke needs to be around mature people, after all he has an image to keep." "Image? You’re talking about the guy who wears pink boxers with burgers and fries as the print." She rolls her eyes, "I also don’t really enjoy you being around him, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a secret crush on him." You blushed slightly, a little taken back by her assumption. "Then again, you’re probably not his his type. Luke wants someone mature, not… A kid." She says before standing up and walking over to him draping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. You sat there for a moment thinking in your head that you could totally be mature. Luke calls out to you and you stood up trying to hide the fact you were not okay.

A/N: Thank you so much Anon for the request. Sorry it was a tad bit late, but I hope you really liked this. I had so much fun writing it as well!



If I marry Luke and we have kids together, I want them to have his cute little nose


when fans attack other fans
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#3: Cuddling


Calum: I feel like Calum would be one of those people who would just randomly approach you, when you’re cooking, cleaning, or just busy, he’d come up behind you and securely wrap his arms around your torso so you can’t move. You’d just giggle and tell him to let go so you can finish whatever you…

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You are just a ray of sunshine 🌞
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Hope you enjoy :)





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